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Astrology and Symbolism of the Total Solar Eclipse

With the total solar eclipse drawing closer, it seems that the energy in the United States continues to intensify. With so much volatile energy, I have found myself searching for groundedness in the symbolic, earth-centered perspectives of our ancestors.

What did ancient people think of an eclipse?

Since many ancient people worshiped the sun as a God, a sudden shadow coming across the source of all life was often seen as a negative omen. To the Inca, Aztecs and Greeks, a solar eclipse meant the sun god was angry or displeased. To the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, the moon’s shadow represented an opposing God of darkness “eating” the sun. Other groups of native people believed that an eclipse meant the Sun and Moon were merging energies to create more stars (children), fighting with one another, or chasing one another.

What all these stories and myths have in common is a turning away of the sun, representative of God, masculine energy and the outward personality. This is accompanied by an emergence of the moon, representative of femininity, emotions, water, and the unconscious. This is a time when things that normally remain below the surface, in the unconscious, can be more accessible. This can mean, individually or collectively, we will be shown a glimpse of the truth that normally resides in the shadow.

What’s happening in the stars?

Astrologically, this eclipse also falls on the second new moon in Leo (the first being on July 23rd). By definition, a new moon is a conjunction between the sun and moon, meaning their energies are combining. Leo is ruled by the sun, and represented by the lion. Its energy is ambitious, passionate, playful, and generous, but can also be selfish and prideful. This is often where we are refining our sense of self through creative self-expression.

It is not often that two subsequent new moons are in the same sign. This second Leo new moon may represent the more mature, renewed sense of self that can come from free-flowing expression, and from looking with honest, loving acceptance at our flaws, demons, and “sins”. Evolving Door Astrology describes the two-fold energy of this eclipse in Leo: (Read more here).

“Like the physical phenomenon, the light of our internal, conscious Sun may be temporarily blocked by the emotional or subconscious presence of our internal Moon. On one hand, it can feel like we’re lost in a twilight filled with dimming hope and a gloomy outlook on the future. On the other hand, like the Sun’s corona and other effects that become magically visible at eclipse totality, we may get a glimpse of other possibilities, insights and awareness that are normally hidden or obscured.

But be careful—in the same way that it’s dangerous to stare at the solar eclipse when the Sun is still visible, it’s probably wise not to get too mesmerized by what you perceive under its astrological rays either.”

Overall, an eclipse is symbolic of a death and rebirth, a revealing and integration. Do your best to stay centered and grounded during this time, and just observe what comes. In time, you may be shown new insight or awareness to incorporate into a renewed sense of self. Look to your inner lion to openly accept what comes with courage and non-judgement.

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  1. New perspectives both illuminate future pathways and help you learn from the past.

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