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Channeling our Creative Spirit

Although the idea of God is still debated, I believe most (if not all) of us have felt the presence of Spirit somewhere in our lives. The feeling of being wholly immersed in life comes about through our own pursuit of doing what we love. Being in the “flow” of some thoughtless action, or being in “the zone” of creativity are both ways of accessing this omnipresent energy. Whether it comes about through exercise, painting, writing, playing music, or some other creative medium, we all posses the ability to channel the loving presence of God, regardless of what you choose to call this experience.

Anything you feel called to do that brings out feelings of love, inspiration, and vitality is a way of bringing out our higher selves. This is because creative expression mirrors our development of consciousness. We ourselves are a work of art!

alex grey art

Art as Evolution

In the beginning, there were only the building blocks of life. Over time, we have become increasingly complex organisms, given our own ability to create. If we are to break down art or music into its base components, they include a set of colors, of lines and shapes, or of musical notes. We can break down a dance into individual movements or a poem into its letters. Yet, with these base elements, an infinite amount of creation is possible.

These base elements cannot be owned by anyone, and therefore a work of art is not a possession of the artist. The artist is merely a channel though which creative energy can be expressed. Building upon the inspiration of other artists is an evolution of creativity, and it feels so good because it is what we were meant to do!

Creating in the Modern Age

Humanity has been blessed with the ability to create. Sadly, we have greatly abused this blessing, turning ourselves against nature and each other. In the age of information, the potential for new creation is monumental. I believe we now have enough examples of how we don’t want to live to now start moving in the direction of peace and unity. All of the tools are right at our fingertips. Art may be seen as a nonessential element to some, but I see it as an essential part of our own conscious development.

Go get inspired!

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