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New Moon Gemini- Making Peace with Our Thoughts

After an intense full moon in Scorpio, this new moon in Gemini marks a fresh start. All forms of communication and information are associated with Gemini, including our thoughts and perceptions. At this time, we may be reevaluating how we take in information, and how we express it. We may be shifting our relationship with our own self-defeating thoughts or creative ideas. Says Leah Whitehourse from Lua Astrology:

This Moon feels like one of those moments when you have an idea that feels so big you just wanted to force it back down into your unconscious again. What was unconscious and unspoken now has a name and potential and we can’t shove it back where it come from. We must be brave enough to gaze upon our fears…and then open a dialogue with them.

Personally, the Scorpio full moon brought to my awareness many negative patterns of thinking that were really bringing me down. Shifting to a more gracious perspective drastically changed my feelings regarding my current life situation. Now, as the new moon in Gemini approaches, I find myself observing these thoughts more, and challenging them. Keeping an objective point of view has proven to be one of the best ways to keep from losing myself in a tornado of negativity.

Now is the perfect time to get clear about your intentions for the future. If sifting through your sea of thoughts seems challenging, try meditating or working on a creative project (communication is more than just verbal).  Bringing clarity into your self-communication is the first step to manifestation. The universe is always listening.

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