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The Cyclical Nature of Everything and How it Applies to You

It has come to my attention that within modern society, it is far too easy to overlook many of the underlying truths of life. One of these truths is that everything in our perception (and outside of it) is part of a greater cycle. It may not appear this way because of how we interact with time and space, and that collective social conditioning has led us to believe otherwise. It may appear that our lives are happening to us, in a manner that is chaotic, and unfair. From what we can perceive, our lives, history, and time itself has a beginning, middle and end. This belief that everything is linear can leave us feeling lost somewhere along this line. But in reality, life is not a line. It is a perfect circle.

We can see but one segment on this larger circle. The circle of our life represents one of an infinite number of cycles. These cycles are all around us, and we are not unaffected by them. However, since we have been largely cut off from nature, this part of ourselves is not often in our immediate awareness. From the life cycle of a cell, to the cycle of a star, the nature of the universe is cyclical.

The Law of Rhythm

This idea is perhaps best expressed as one of the 7 Universal Laws, derived from the 7 Hermetic Principles.

The Law of Rhythm embodies the truth that everything is moving to and fro, flowing in and out , swinging backward and forward. There is a high and a low tide. Everything is flowing, both in and out, in accordance with this law. There is always a reaction to every action. Something must advance when anything retreats; something must rise when anything sinks. Everything goes through cycles, yet everything has a rhythm or a pattern. What seems to be random is actually very orderly.

As an embodiment of nature itself, humans are interconnected with these cycles. Being able to observe these cycles in nature is partly what led ancient people to value many things we disregard the validity of today, such as astrology (the study of planetary cycles and their energies). Ways of telling the ‘future’ in ancient times were not unlike the way scientists do today: observing patterns and making predictions.

A New Perspective

We are not always aware, during our daily lives, that we are merely experiencing one point on a circle. But if we can accept this truth and apply it to our lives, it will surely lead to a change in perspective. I find the importance of this universal truth is to remind ourselves to think about the bigger picture, especially in times of unforeseen change.

It is also useful in helping us to see these changes as different points which are complementary, rather than good and bad. One side of the circle is what makes the other side meaningful. You would not know happiness if you had never experienced sadness. Similarly, there can be no light without the darkness to define it. But just as day and night cannot happen without sunrise or sunset, these oscillating changes happen in a circular fashion, rather than like flipping a coin.

Let’s say that you’re at peak potential with your health and fitness. Following the law of rhythm, if you realize you’re at the peak, then you can foresee your health and fitness dropping some. However, instead of viewing this “drop in health” as something being wrong with you, you now view it as a sign to rest your body. The same can be said about any aspect of our personal or professional lives. When things seem to be going downhill, step back and remind yourself this higher truth: you are a part of something much greater than what you can conceive.

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