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What’s Wrong with Women’s Rights?

Each of us has every right to protest and voice our individual opinions. The women’s march that began shortly after Trump’s inauguration has brought tons of people to the streets. Suddenly, an awareness of things we have chosen to socially ignore is being stirred up. But what is truly under protest? Why are we seeing these collective uproars against issues that have been prominent for years? What is really going on… beyond what the five senses can interpret? Expressing our opposition is much less effective than positive action. To truly succeed in building the new world we envision, we must be focused on effective action for all humanity.

Marching for “women’s rights” is counterproductive to the ultimate goal of unity.

By separating and identifying ourselves as women, immigrants, or any other so-called minority, we are already creating separation. We all wear many hats in our lives that we come to identify with; things like our occupations, gender, race, and family roles seem to define us. We may not all be seen as equals in the eyes of society, but the reality is that we’re all the same inside. It is up to us to believe and express that instead of allowing society to mold us. It is up to us to treat one another with love and compassion, letting go of personal bias. “Women’s rights” are not different or more important than “men’s rights” or “human rights”.

The rights to your own body are never going to be taken away because it was not the government who gave them to you in the first place.

 Just because the government is no longer going to provide you with health-care, that doesn’t mean you have been restricted access to it. As is often the case when making something illegal, it does not stop it from happening. This is true with drug use, and it is true with abortions. If we value such a service enough, those who have the knowledge to safely perform an abortion will continue to provide for women in need. YES, you can still do whatever you want with your body and you are still responsible for it, which means doing whatever you can to prevent pregnancy if you don’t want a child.

Only by coming together in our communities can we make true, impervious change.

The government is finally proposing to scale back intervention and we are protesting it. There is no reason why we cannot still have these services by coming together and deciding to share our unique talents and abilities with one another. Whether we are talking about health care, birth control, food, housing, or clean water, everything the government now provides for us, we can provide for each other. This is the true change we wish to see in the world. By coming together in our communities, we have the ultimate freedom. We can transcend prejudice by becoming the living embodiment of equality and social justice.

If we look a bit deeper into what’s happening, it is clear that this external chaos is a reflection of our internal world.

Collective emotions of anger, frustration, and hopelessness are now gushing out in all kinds of radical ways.  To many women who feel this way, protesting is a way of expressing needs that demand to be heard. Regardless of our gender, we all carry within us both masculine and feminine energy. For far too long our society has denied its femininity, and we are now seeing that change. The harmonious and transformative qualities of feminine energy are starting to emerge. We need to look within ourselves to solve these issues, not outside, and especially not to our government. By empowering ourselves and supporting one another, we can step into a new era of change. Introspection of our own emotions is key.

Now more than ever, it is a time for unity. It is time to march in solidarity for something we all believe in, not something we are fighting against. We have shown that we are not going to back down; we will stand united for what we believe. Awareness is important, but action rooted in peace and equality is essential. It is about so much more than women’s rights. It is about learning to unify as humans for the purpose of conscious change. Our power lies in our choice.

As Mary Wollstonecraft said in 18th century, “I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves.” Our real power lies deep within all of us. More than anything, I see this march as a clear indication of our rising divine feminine energy. I hope that, despite the wild present that we live in, each of us can find self empowerment and hope in this movement.

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